4 Things to Help Stay on Track and Hit Them Goals

4 Things to Help Stay on Track and Hit Them Goals

4 Things to Help Stay on Track and Hit Them Goals

Author: Desiree Gutierrez

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This is something I have struggled with in the past and took awhile for me to figure out what works best or me. My schedule between two jobs, school, and a family can get a little hectic so finding time for working out can be hard. There are a few things that help me stay on track and keep me motivated though!

1. Become a planner:

Planning out your week and knowing your schedule is important. Having a clear view of what you have going on each week will allow you to be able to create goals and new habits. I personally like using a planner or notebook to write out my week and goals because you’re much more likely to follow through and remember if you are writing them out. Something else I like to use to keep me organized is Asana, a program that you can create tasks and lists to hold yourself accountable. If none of these methods work, do what works best for you.

2. Create realistic goals:

While planning out your goals for the week, be sure they are realistic. Something obtainable, start small if you find it hard to stay on track with working out and eating healthy. If you have a full time job and kids then maybe working out 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week with an hour carved out for meal prep on a Sunday or Monday is what you would start with. Once you have that down, after a couple weeks, add in another day if you want!

3. Find your fit:

This is so important in my opinion, finding out what not only works for you but something you enjoy. I noticed in the past that I would fall out of my routine often because I was bored with my workouts or I was just not into it. Eventually I started branching out and trying new things till I found what I enjoyed most. I still mix things up if I feel stagnant within my fitness routine as well. Keep it interesting and try new things to find out what you like, what works for you!

4. The buddy system:

Accountability is everything, having a good group of friends to help you stay on track is always a plus. Something that really helps me when I am feeling I need some extra help on following through; I text my goals and intentions for the week to my two best friends on Sunday and then at the end of that week I'll send another text with how well I did with them. Have them text you theirs as well, that way you can motivate each other to stay on track with your goals!

As you plan, create, and work towards these goals, you will find each day will become easier to stay on task. Overall you are creating habits that will fit into your routine. Don’t get upset if you have a bad week either, just get right back into it and reflect on why you may have fallen off track. Create a new plan for the next week that may be more effective, let it motivate you to just be better.. Become your best self!

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