Get To know A Rival Athlete w/ Alex and Joey

Get To know A Rival Athlete w/ Alex and Joey
Joey: Alex and I have met almost 2 years ago when he helped us transition into active wear. Our photographer ( ) Portraits by g had collaborated with you on a shoot and it worked out for all of us. Why don’t you tell everyone that’s reading a little about you.
Alex: My name is Alex, I’m 24 and I am from Austin, Texas. 
Joey: How long have you been modeling for? 
Alex: My Modeling career officially started back in 2014, I was picked up by The Naturally Fit Agency. Prior to that I had done freelance modeling for various  companies, small projects.
Joey: Obviously you always are in shape, do you prefer one form of training than the other?
Alex: My personal preference is weight training. I do believe there is something to be had from all types of exercise, you just have to find what works for you!
Joey: I can definitely relate to that. I’m more of strength training guy but when cutting weight, I have to sweat and train for longer. So let’s ask the hard question.. lol do you believe staying in shape is about the training or the food?
Alex: I honestly think its 50/50. Being in “shape” has a different meaning to everyone. For some people it means being big and strong. To others it means being able to run 10 miles. For some in-shape simply means being at a certain weight. The food and eating part is all about what’s important to YOU. You have to eat according to YOUR goals. Then there’s the lucky few with good genetics… 
Joey: So many Instagram models are popping up that don’t seem to look comfortable in front of the camera, do you think there is anything that could be shared with younger models getting started to help them get more comfortable?
Alex: Get comfortable with being uncomfortable! Quick tip, practice your posing and facial expressions in a mirror in your free time. The hardest part for me about modeling is not being able to physically see myself until after the shots are taken. I feel like this is where it becomes uncomfortable for most people. You always want to look your best when modeling, especially when you know other people are going to see it. Practicing in the mirror will create muscle memory. When its time shoot you can then recreate that feeling either in your physical pose and/or facial expressions. The other hard part is shooting with people you’ve never met. I still struggle with that from time to time but its normal. Just imagine how it feels for the person taking the picture. Be open to direction and don’t be afraid to be yourself. You are the picture. 
Joey: What’s your favorite shoot so far with Rival?
Alex: It’s a tie between my first shoot ever with Rival, and the most recent one, which you guys will see soon lol. It was creative and I feel they both had more to offer than just a picture of a guy with a shirt or a pair of shorts. The first shoot “G” had me climbing up walls, and the recent shoot felt more like a workout video. He had me flipping tires and pushing sleds on the football field. I love the lifestyle stuff don’t get me wrong, but the fitness stuff brings a completely different attitude to the content. 
Joey: ahhh Man, now I need to go text G and see this shoot. I’m so hyped about it. So let me move on while G gets back to me. If you got to travel and do a destination photoshoot where would it be?
Alex: Always wanted to go to the Maldives! Pretty much anywhere with clear waters and natural beauty. I’ve been to some pretty big cities in my time but the natural beauty created by a forest, or mountain, or body of water has always appealed to me more than anything.
Joey: I hate to say this is the last but thank you for your time and your commitment to Rival. Here is my last one. The world is coming to an end and you have to get on a boat to go to an island. What 5 things would go into the boat with you?
  1. Water
  2. French fries
  3. Sunglasses
  4. Hair gel 
  5. Camo Rival shorts 

Joey: Niccccceeee.. Hahaha

Joey: Click this link to check out Alex and thank you for taking sometime to get to meet one of our Longest Rival Athletes.