Heard of Conscious Souls (Reggae/Rock) yet? -Check out a Music Video here!

Heard of Conscious Souls (Reggae/Rock) yet? -Check out a Music Video here!

October 10, 2016

“Music for the People, by the People.”
Ever since they were a group of individuals doing anything that has to do with a board and mother earth, the Conscious Souls have flaunted a passionate, energetic musical spirit that people have always been drawn to.
Conscious Souls music embraces the California Beach Culture it emerged from. Growing up in the culturally diverse San Francisco Bay Area where colorful sounds ranging from Pop, Reggae, Hip-hop, and Rock & Roll are experienced daily, the group embraces positive qualities from each of these genres and reproduce it in their own unique style.

With more than seven years of making music together, the members of Conscious Souls have created their own unique style of entertainment that anyone and everyone can relate to. What started off as a group of lost souls with different backgrounds in a friend’s basement, has now transformed into a couch jumping, champagne wearing, party bandit lifestyle simply known as the Conscious Souls. Dubbed as one of the up-and-coming bands originating out of the greater San Francisco Bay Area, they are best known for rocking legendary nightclub events filled with go-go dancers, beautiful women, and bottle service.

Conscious Souls have experience performing at house parties, music festivals and charity events. Always leaving their fans wanting more, Conscious Souls pride themselves in their live performances and showmanship. The band’s unique sound has been referred to as a mix of Beastie Boys and Sublime after about 20 cups of coffee with a touch of Matisyahu, in a room with 311 posters on the wall.

Conscious Souls have currently released their new album RIDE THE WAVE. Their inaugural full–length album “Why Wouldn’t We” released in May 2009 and LIVE YOUR LIFE released 2010. CS also released their debut EP “Northern California’s Finest” in 2007. Music is available on Cdbaby.com or iTunes. Check out the following links for more information on the Conscious Souls:

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