Meet our new Rival Photography Team member Alex Saenz aka @Dariodoesphotos

Meet our new Rival Photography Team member Alex Saenz aka @Dariodoesphotos

March 22, 2017

Hey Guys, this Spring season I decided to try something new for Rival and the overall site. I had this idea to allow a photographer shoot the new and current lines to help create a great vibe throughout the site. I asked a favor from one of our loyal Rival supporters if he would be interested and he was all aboard. Now for those that know my work ethic, know that I'm a pusher and it can be very challenging to work with me. I was impressed on how Alex handled the situation and felt it would be great to let you guys get to know him as well. Here is a quick interview to let you learn about our new Rival photographer team member Alex Saenz aka @Dariodoesphotos

Joey: Where did your passion for photography start?
Alex: I consider myself an artistic guy who wants to try every form of art. So in High school I took graphic design, photography, and music classes but photography didn't stick for me. It wasn't until I started getting into cinematography that I picked up a camera again. I took a class in college and from there I was hooked. Super inspired by photographers from all over and a lot of close friends.

Joey: What is your personal favorite style of photography to shoot?
Alex: I would like to say lifestyle because that's what I want to shoot but most of my stuff is portrait work haha. But definitely going out to explore and shoot outdoors. There's just more inspiration when you can take a walk and find somewhere to shoot.

Joey: What attracted you to Rival?
Alex: Just how genuine and true the company is. I loved all the interaction with photographers and models and how friendly everyone was with each other. Rival just has this specific look and style on the outside that could fit with anyone anywhere in the world. Rival is for everyone.

Joey: How was your experience with shoot Rival Clothing?
Alex: Amazing! I had so much fun just exploring with my models and live streaming. It was pretty much like I was doing a casual shoot and there was no pressure, I was just having fun with it.

Joey: Can you tell us about your social media links for models or agencies to contact you?
Alex : Yeah! My instagram is and my facebook page is I get back to people fairly quickly. Always by the end of the day and I will always respond to messages.

Joey: Thank you Alex for giving us a little insight to your passion. Make sure you all get a chance to visit his Instagram and say Hi.