Rival announces 1st Brand Ambassador - Joey Snaps Photography

Rival announces 1st Brand Ambassador - Joey Snaps Photography

October 26, 2016

He's a Hobbyist/freelance Photographer and likes to dabble in all forms of photography.

Born in San Jose California, He spent most of his life in Long Beach California, planning on traveling worldwide

My goal is to capture the beauty, grace, strength, and enthusiast in my work. I focus on the raw and the artistic side of it all. I want to show this world how beautiful everything we look at can actually be! - Joey Mendoza

He is based in Long Beach California but does travel all around Southern California. He is currently making a name for myself show casing and working with small organizations to further myself in this industry.

Rival is all about raw emotion. So when I found him posting some of his work on Instagram, my mouth instantly dropped to the floor. I have seen many street photographers in my career, but something about Joey was special. I absolutely couldn't help myself and quickly shared with Joey that The Rival Collection was very interested in having him become our First Brand Ambassador and sponsored Photographer. See for yourself and check out his website below and his Social media. You will be impressed.

For Model bookings/Pricing contact:


Website: www.Joeysnaps.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_joeysnaps/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joeysnapsphotography