Rival™ sponsors new Podcast - GarageCast

Rival™ sponsors new Podcast - GarageCast

December 01, 2016

So during our quest for quality content, an old friend of mine took the leap into podcasts. We were previously blogging on YouTube and in February he followed a dream and created his own Podcast, which by the way is so cool. He discusses everything from fitness to popular issues. He has an amazing tone that makes time fly by. I listen to them during my cardio walks.

It's official!!! You can now listen to the Garagcast on #googleplay #stitcher #soundcloud and #itunes 🔵Google Play 🔵Stitcher
🔵SoundCloud 🔵iTunes

Like the Facebook page and follow @thegaragecast on twitter

Here is his most recent Podcast that really entertained me and thought you all would enjoy his style.