2020 Rival Transformation 8 Week Challenge


What’s your 2020 goals? This year Rival is hosting its first ever 8 Week Transformation Challenge. Sign up today and enroll into the challenge. You will receive a discount code for 20% Off all Rival products for your own purchases for the length of the challenge. We will also run a hashtag to use which will be used to pick winners weekly for giveaways to all that participate and post selfies wearing Rival gear.

Steps To Enroll:

1.) Fill out the contact info below and tell us “What are your 2020 Transformation Goals?”

2.) After you sign up, we will be emailing you instructions on how to submit your photos before deadline January 19 at 11:59:59PM PST.

3.) Create a post sharing with your followers about the Rival 8 Week Challenge and what your goals are will allow even more people to learn about this amazing challenge and make it that much more fun. Use this pic to promote on Instagram and Facebook.

During the 8 weeks of the Transformation Challenge, you should be training, eating healthy, and transforming your body. Stay accountable with weekly check-ins and use the hashtags, that we will announce via email, daily with posts and Instagram stories. We will be hosting a FREE Giveaway challenge EACH week, to all that have signed up. So every week you can earn a chance at winning FREE gifts just from using the hashtags.

Contest will end March 15th 11:59:59PM PST. and we will email you instructions to submit your final photos. Once completed, the TOP 4 finalists will be announced and the Rival contestants will select the best transformation. That winner will win a 3 Month Sponsorship with Rival and receive Free Gear each of those Months.

  • If you sign up after the Jan 26th than you will NOT be eligible to win the grand prize but you will be able to participate in the weekly FREE giveaways, so don't get discouraged.
  • Must Follow Rival Community Page:
  • We created the Community page recently so new ambassadors can start meeting other Rival Athletes throughout the world. The more you engage with the Daily Mods, the better the chance that they will select you to do a Shout Out. Its all about fun so make sure to tag us when you post your selfies wearing Rival.

    Welcome to the Rival Family,
    Joey - CEO of Rival
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