30 Day Ambassador Challenge



What’s your 2020 goals? We know these times are preventing most of us from training the way we use. Rival is going to host a 30 Day Ambassador Challenge. Here’s what the challenge is going to involve:

• Create a fitness goal that you can commit to for 30 days

• For the Next 30 Days start everyday by sharing/posting an Insta-story on how you feel and what you are going to do to get closer to your goal? 

• Being a Rival ambassador is about motivating others and being supportive of people you may not know very well. So now we want you to work on meeting new people. Start with leaving 10 comments on people you do not know for the next 30 days.

• Tag us @Rivallifestyle when you post a story or a standard post for the feed. Everyday we will select a story and a post to share with all the other ambassadors 

• This challenge only requires you to come out of your shell and take advantage of this time to learn more about you and the Rival community 

During the next 30 days of the Rival Ambassador Challenge, you should be training, eating healthy, and engaging with other Rival Ambassadors. We will be hosting a FREE Giveaway challenge EACH week, to all o you. So every week you can earn a chance at winning FREE gifts just from tagging us.

Contest will end May 13th 11:59:59PM PST.

The Rival Ambassadors will select ONE person who made the most out of the 30 days to get to know the Rival community and commit to their fitness goal. 
We will offer $150 worth of Rival Merch. You have nothing to lose and all to gain. So what do you say?

We look forward to getting tagged by you daily,

Joey - CEO of Rival

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