About Us

Rival Lifestyle is a fitness lifestyle brand designed out of the San Francisco Bay Area, California. Our mission was to create a lifestyle brand that created an experience with the customer. From being a fan of such brands like: RVCA, Stussy, The Hundreds, OBEY, and Johnny Cupcakes, I learned that what made these brands last through time was the culture they created. They formed a personal connection with the customers that enabled them to feel part of an artistic movement. 
After we developed an amazing tee shirt, we created our own signature wrapping and packaging. The goal was to create such a unique experience with each customer so they felt the care and attention to detail from the moment they received their order. We don't want to spoil it for you, but lets just say that you will realize the love for what we do. These principles are what set us apart from clothing brands. The next challenge was to develop a social media movement so we could show new customers how strongly we embraced the family philosophy. This process was done by showcasing each new customer and by creating our own affiliate program to offer incentives for their customer loyalty. Our social media family have grown over 15k followers, 500 Rival Affiliates worldwide, and is always growing across the world each month that goes by. We hope you get the chance to visit our Instagram page and see how much of a positive impact Rival has made in so many lives, including my own. 
Welcome to Rival
- Joey Ardire


 Email: Joey@RivalLifestyle.com