TeamRival Athlete Rewards program

Announced June 23rd 2019

Want to be a Brand Ambassador for Rival? Do you enjoy wearing Rival Products?  TeamRival Athlete Program is designed for customers who are passionate about being an ambassador. We offer incentives and run weekly contests on our Instagram page for TeamRival Athletes. Click the BLUE Box in the corner and sign up today and earn 10 Rival Cash Dollars.


We acknowledge the support we receive from our athletes and in return, we provide the team with tons of great benefits. Read below to here some of the perks.

As an athlete you receive:

  • Exclusive #TeamRival Merch will be a surprise in your orders.
  • Exclusive live dashboard to track your account and Rival Cash earnings to be used whenever you would like.
  • Our new system allows you to trade Rival Cash to earn 10%, 15%, 20% discount codes for your personal use. Plus you could also earn exclusive TeamRival apparel only available to #TeamRival members.
  • Plus when you help Rival promote using Instagram stories you could earn more Rival cash while driving to earn a Sponsorship
  • We offer tutorials to share with you the secrets and tricks to mastering Instagram and it’s algorithm. This helps you build your personal brand as well as  become a better Instagram Influencer. 
  • We give out ShoutOuts when TeamRival Members TAG us on Social Media so promote yourself so we can promote you. 
  • Every other Month we will announce #TeamRival Athlete of the Month. The Winner will get announced on Instagram and the store plus win $100 of Rival Merchandise. 
  • The chance to attend special #TeamRival events such as photo shoots, fitness expos, etc. 



Being a part of the Rival family means that you will need to contribute to the motivation and inspiration that our athletes give forth each and every day.

You will be expected to:

    • Add your 15% Referral link in your Instagram Bio Link.
    • Add @rivallifestyle Athlete in your bio
    • Promote Your Rival Products🍻.
    • Be ACTIVE on social media platforms and tag #TEAMRIVAL or #RIVALSTRONG so we can engage with you better. The better your content, the higher your chances are to be featured on our page!
    • Please turn your PROFILE to public so others can meet and interact with you. We feel Rival athletes should be accessible and interact with the fitness community.
    • Share your unique discount code with your friends/followers.
    • Show support for other team members, no matter what step they are on of their physical fitness journey.
    • Follow other TeamRival Athletes. It allows us to build a larger family.

       * If the first 7 DAYS pass after SIGNUP without your 1st order of minimum $25 than the code & application will be voided. So please wait to signup till you are ready to commit to the team. We do this so we don’t want have tons of people promoting a code but not actually wear any products or invest in the movement. We value your hard work and are dedicated to creating a family atmosphere for all to enjoy.