TeamRival Ambassador Program

     The TeamRival Athlete Program is designed for supporters who appreciate the brand and enjoy being a part of our growing Rival Lifestyle community.  We also will help you build your social network with shoutouts, help with marketing tips to grow your profile faster and showcase you regularly on our social networks wearing Rival.  Our success is because of driven individuals like yourself. When you purchase a Rival product allows us reinvest back into the business to create a wider variety of products. We understand that creating a wide variety of products is important for the brand to grow and evolve. 

Steps to participate in Team Rival:

  • 1) Send us your Full Name and Instagram profile plus a brief description on why you would like to be on Team Rival.
  • 2) Follow us on Social Media Outlets: &
  • 3) Send us a photograph of yourself wearing Rival. This is needed for your formal announcement to the Rival Community via Instagram Stories 
  • 4) Promote your 10% Off personal discount code to generate organic sales while earning 15% sales commission, once your application has been APPROVED. This can also be used for yourself to earn rewards for your customer loyalty. You will also be given a referral link to promote when we host sales that are larger than 10% off, so you still can earn commission. 
  • 5) Represent Rival by motivating others to push themselves in a positive way. Lets try to be a better version of ourselves.


Joey  - Founder of Rival Lifestyle™
  * If 30 days pass without a single order of minimum $25 than the code & application will be voided. This program was designed to give back to those that invest in Rival. We enforce this rule to prevent random people from over advertising their code and abusing the program for everyone else. We value your hard work and are dedicated to creating a family atmosphere for all to enjoy.